Betsizing is of great importance in many cases. If we talk specifically about the strategy of the game with a medium stack, then bet sizing is especially important. It is necessary to pay attention to it when learning poker beginners. Betsizing – the size of the bets at various stages of the game.
First of all, you should understand the very essence of the game of poker in the middle stack. Your task will be to enter the bank on good cards, it is good to get into the flop, and having tied yourself to the bank as much as possible, put yourself in an all-in on the flop or on the turn. Having an average stack you will often get into a situation where you will be called on a weaker card. Double your task to leave this table.
Consider all the situations for the NL10 limit (the blinds are $ 0.05 / $ 0.10). So, your stack should be $ 4, let’s say you need to raise, then its size should be in 3 big blinds ($ 0.30), provided that there were no bets before you. If before you one or several people just called the big blind and bet $ 0.10, then you should add one big blind for each player who entered the game to the sum of your raise. Poker articles will review this issue later.
For example, you are in middle position, before you two players bet $ 0.10 each, then your raise should be $ 0.50 (3 + 1 + 1 = 5 big blinds). Thus, you place a bet equal to 1/8 of your stack.
Another situation is if you have been raised and you need to 3-bet. Suppose that before you was a bet of $ 0.10 and the next player bet $ 0.40. The 3-bet should be about 3 times the size of the raise, so in our case it’s about $ 1.20, which is about 1/3 of your stack.
It is also possible that you bet first at $ 0.30 and the opponent sitting after you makes a 3-bet of $ 1. If in such a situation you decide to raise more, then for you it will be a 4-bet all-in. Put all the chips in the bank and wait for the decision of your opponent. This situation shows that when playing with a medium stack, there are often situations where you will not have difficult decisions when playing post-flop.